Top tips for decluttering your home

Clutter is not a bad thing. It is not like your house is a corporate office where every paper clip has its own drawer and location. There are things you use from time-to-time that do not need to be out all the time, butRead More

The Impact of Separation & Divorce on a Family

Your family is like a living thing. It must undergo growth, development, and evolve over time as its structure continues to change. Often, positive changes to the family unit occur as a result of marriage, new family members joining it, and childbirth. Negative changesRead More

How To Tell If Your Child Has Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the respiratory condition wherein patients experience periods of halted breath during sleep. Although the condition is often associated with adults, sleep apnea is increasingly common in children, and its impacts can be varied and significant: these include attention deficit, erratic behaviourRead More

High Waisted Shaper Shorts at FeelinGirl

They are peculiar looking, they are form-fitting and sometimes suffocating when worn. They are the go-to outfits for plus size women or women of any size and shape who want to tuck and hide excess fat. They are known as shaper shorts. Shaper shortsRead More