Local SEO for Small Businesses

三级片在线 by | Nov 2, 2016 | hangouts | 3 comments

Local SEO for Small Businesses I’ve talked a ton about paid marketing over the past several months.? The other day we had a message in the private Facebook group asking about SEO so I thought I’d put together a hangout covering some of the current best...

Facebook Targeting and Audience Selection

In today’s hangout we are going to focus on creating a targeted group for your Facebook Ad. In most cases I first create my targeting groups before I even create my image ad or ad copy so I can better match the interest and demographic group I want to target....

The Perfect Facebook Ad Copy and Image

In this weeks live hangout we are continuing with our talk on Facebook.? We have already covered Facebook tracking and ideas for generating sales and leads using different funnel examples. This week are are going to dive a bit more in-depth on the different targeting...

How to Setup Facebook Tracking

One things I’ve said over and over is if you can’t track what’s working with your marketing you should not be spending money on that traffic source. It’s very common for me to see small businesses have some kind of tracking setup inside AdWords...

Tracking Leads / Sales For Small Businesses

Several years ago tracking for small businesses was next to impossible at least for service based companies. With Ecommerce companies it’s a rather simple thing to do because you place a conversion pixel on the order confirmation page after someone purchases and...


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