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按在桌子上糟践的视频按在桌子上糟践的视频 to The Reel Book.

按在桌子上糟践的视频  1739 tunes, 190 musicians, 973 pages of hand written Irish traditionalmusic performances from 117 albums and several field recordings. Album release datesfrom 1920 to 1992. See: Tunes by category

I collected these albums and transcribed the performances over a ten year periodusing standard music notation. As the project progressed, I included ornamentationinto the music scores.

The best way to use this site is to listen and follow along with the written music.Start with the Samples page which has written music and links to MP3s. See:All media

On the Search page you can filter by Title, Type, Musician, Instrument, Group,or Album. Members can click on a tune title to open a page of music. See:How to use

The Black 47 Archive consists of press, photos, links, gig tapes, and chartsstarting from 1989.

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transcriptions by Fred Parcells