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Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic specializes in veterinary ophthalmology. Our goal is to provide professional, compassionate care to restore eyesight, improve vision and alleviate the ocular discomfort of our patients. We offer a comprehensive ophthalmology service with a team of highly dedicated board certified ophthalmologists. Pets can develop many conditions that may require the specialized care of an ophthalmologist, so make sure to trust the experts at Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic.
Veterinarian Examines Eye — Houston, TX — Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic
Our staff loves animals so much, they made a career out of it. When your pet is in our care, they’ll be treated with all the care and affection that you’d give them yourself. The veterinarians on staff have over 20 years of experience treating the eye issues of both small & large animal breeds as well as exotic animals. We have committed ourselves to providing your pet with the best eyecare possible. Call us to make an appointment!

We currently see patients at three locations: our original office on Campbell Road on the west side of Houston , Bay Area Veterinary Specialists on I-45 in southeast Houston and at Padre Animal Hospital in Corpus Christi (once a month). Dr. Herrmann and Dr. Swanson will also see large animals at several local large animal practices. These appointments are scheduled by the doctor as their schedule allows. 

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