Do Zombies Drink Corona? The Zombie Survival Blog Returns!

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闫凤娇厕所门It has been quite some time since my last communication in this blog.? It hasn’t been because there was nothing more to say.? I was just focused on surviving.? And then world events popped up and made all of us think about survival.? Even the hermit living at the top of a mountain knows about the pandemic that crashed through world economies like a wrecking ball.? In a perfect world, politics would have no place in health discussions, but this issue has become so highly politicized that it is difficult to focus solely on the facts.? Regardless of whether you feel that this was a health crisis that threatened the lives of you and your family members or that it was an overblown reaction engineered for a political outcome, readers of this series will agree that it has to make us think about what to do for the next pandemic.

闫凤娇厕所门ace hardware zombie

By: Jonathan Glazer

Groghead’s First Look! Field of Glory: Empires – Persia 550 – 330 BCE


It was a great day when Slitherine announced that the original Field of Glory – Empires (FoG:E) would link to Field of Glory 2 (FoG2) and allow players to fight out the campaign’s battles in a tactical turn-based format. As I concluded in the Groghead’s FoG:E review, the system succeeded! I never had one stutter, bump or crash when switching between the two systems,?or in the games themselves for that matter.

What did happen, though, is that the campaigns were very long. This is still the case with the new FoG:E DLC released this week for Persia (Persia 550BC-330BC) – I’ll acronym it as FoG:P. I fired it up for the first time yesterday, chose Persia immediately and played for two hours. How many turns did I complete?



Consulate Crisis! Part 6 – A Command: Modern Air Naval Operations and Combat Mission Shock Force AAR

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He’s been off safeguarding freedom and democracy, but IICptMillerII is back, and he is ready to pick up his exciting cross-game AAR right where it left off! Don’t miss a beat of the pulse-pounding action!

BlackGIs afghan marine patrol in hit

By: IICptMillerII,

Grogheads Reviews! Order of Battle: Red Steel

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闫凤娇厕所门The campaign continues right after the end of the Red Star DLC, and players can import their veteran core army saved in Red Star and play them in the new DLC with all previously unlocked commanders and specializations.? Join Avery Abernethy and a resurgent Soviet Army as they put the German war machine and Slitherine’s latest DLC title? to the test.

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By: Avery Abernethy,

Grogheads Sneak peak! Shadow Empire

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Shadow Empire is the upcoming sci-fi, post-apocalyptic “hardcore-strategy” title (that’s a lot of hyphens) developed by VR Designs and published by Slitherine. VR Designs should sound very familiar to our readers, as the developer, headed by?Victor Reijkersz, is responsible for the outstanding Advanced Tactics and Decisive Campaigns series of wargames.? With Shadow Empire, VR Designs leaves the 20th Century behind for the year 8200 A.D., for what is described as an “original mix of genres.”?

Shadow Empire is shaping up to be an immersive, and somewhat complex turn-based game that blends? traditional hex-based wargaming with 4X and RPG elements, all in a procedural world representing the remnant of a once vast interstellar empire. Each game begins hundreds of years after the fall of humanity, with the survivors scattered in isolated pockets among the stars. In Star Empire, players will have the chance to lead small resurgent cities in an effort to reconquer a lost world while rediscovering forgotten technologies and the entire concept of civilization.?

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By: Grogheads Staff,