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water industry professionals
Jun 24 2020Legislation
The text of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act has been released, according to a recent press release.?According to the Moving Forward Act, the measure…
adege Talkeetna Water System case study
Talkeetna Water System Facility
SponsoredJun 24 2020Iron/Manganese Removal Equipment
In late 2009,?VEI Consultants?contacted AdEdge Water Technologies to design, implement and start up an?arsenic,?iron?and?manganese?treatment system…
Jun 23 2020Training & Safety
The importance of trench safety cannot be underestimated for utility workers in water and wastewater. Failed safety takes several lives each year.…
swan analytical chlorine analyzer codes II
SponsoredJun 16 2020Analytical Instruments, Water/Wastewater
The Swan AMI CODES II CC is a versatile colorimetric analyzer that can measure free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, and monochloramines…
industrial water
Jun 23 2020Industrial Water
Approximately 2.8 million pints of out of date beer will need to be disposed of from Wales' shut pubs and clubs, according to the Campaign for Real…