别哭忍着点我慢慢的就不疼了On april 17th, our Board Members made a personal donation to deliver 45 bags of rice to the foodbank in Kabilash Nepal, to help feed 40 families impacted by COVID-19.


别哭忍着点我慢慢的就不疼了Sign up now to join us on our 4th visit to Nepal in November 2020. We will celebrate the completion of our latest water projects and enjoy a once in a life-time opportunity exploring the wonders of Nepal.


View our organizational details, financial data, transparency pledge and review our project strategy.100% percent of all donations go directly towards our projects.

We Make the Impossible, Potable

Our work delivers clean drinking water, dignity and pride.

Sponsor a water project.Help us bring a water filter system to a community in desperate need of the most basic of human right - access to clean drinking water.A complete water filter system costs $1,000.Our team of volunteers travel to the location, work with the community and collaborate on the installation.We train locals how to install and maintain the systems and we provide 1 year of replacements filters.

Underwrite a clean drinking water project.Help us bring clean drinking water to a village of 200 people.A typical spring box, pipe system, water tank and pump costs $6,000.We work with partner organizations and suppliers to acquire donated materials and local labor to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.



First - Launch

First thing we did was launch the organization with support from many family and friends. We wanted to increase awareness of the desperation of people in need of clean drinking water.

Second - Fund It

Secondly, we raised $80,543 in our first year to help the people of Cuba, Honduras and Nepal and our Board of Directors covered all the overhead costs.

Third - Measurable Results

We completed (5) projects in Cuba, Honduras and Nepal as planned, demonstrating our ability to produce results, helping over 4,000 people in our first year.

Fourth - Be Transparent

We published reports, photos, videos, and detailed monthly finance statements demonstrating our commitment to be transparent and earning the trust of the people who support our projects.

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